A moving service, moving van or relocating line is a private company that assists people and companies relocate their goods from one location to the other. It provides all-inclusive moving services such as loading, packing, relocating, unpacking, arranging and taking care of miscellaneous things to be moved. The services depend upon the terms and agreements entered between the movers and the clients. They also vary from company to company.

Relocating vans are used for loading and unloading the goods and are available at any size. People prefer to rent vans as they are cheaper. A large family can hire a single van to move all their goods while a single individual can hire either a big moving van or a small van for the same purpose. The moving service providers also provide professional loading and unloading of goods.

A moving service employs people who have good loading and unloading skills to move the goods and ensure safety of the goods. They must be well equipped with heavy duty tools. The vans used for loading and unloading are large trucks and they are generally one-way vehicles. The trucks are loaded on the back of the moving service provider’s van and driven to the new home.

If you wish to rent a moving van, you will be charged a rental fee which is usually inclusive of all taxes and insurance. However, if you wish to arrange for an outside loading and unloading service, the charges may vary. You may be asked to pay a per mile fee, and there may be additional fees applicable. Similarly, when the storage container is picked up from the storage yard, the charge for loading the storage container is separate from that for moving the storage container. The rates for transporting goods by trucks vary according to weight and distance.

The moving services company’s representative will come to your home to assess your belongings and to draw up the packing list. If you want a quote on moving services, you should give him details about the size of the belongings, the exact items you wish to move, and the modes of transportation you require. The representative will then contact various movers who are capable of handling different sized loads. As many different movers offer different types of moving services, you need to make sure you choose experienced movers.

Some moving services provide mobile loading and unloading services. Some moving services provide portable moving containers. Portable moving containers are like moving containers but they are designed to be carried from place to place instead of being fixed to the ground. Portable moving containers are very popular among families and individuals moving from one home to another. They are easy to carry because they have handles on the side.

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